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Born the youngest of 6 children of Marcos & Doris Zappi, I have enjoyed being around people from birth onward. Despite the occasional nuisance of having my dates hassled by my older brothers or getting all the advice one could ask for and more, I have truly enjoyed growing up among 5 wonderful older brothers and sisters and 2 very loving parents. In college I studied English with my heart set on entering law school. I entered law school only to find that the legal profession was not the right fit. I then discovered speech-language pathology and loved it earning a masters degree in 1995. In graduate school I made another great discovery- Doug. We married in 1995 two weeks after my graduation. Starting our lives together in Austin, TX, I worked both with children and adults challenged by speech, language, and/or swallowing problems. My interests are people (I love hearing about people's experiences especially if they're very different from my own), exercise (I taught aerobics for 6 years and currently enjoy crosstraining), plants, travel, and visiting with family and friends. What's next? A move to Lafayette, LA as Doug begins his career as a professor at the University of Southwestern Louisiana and a soon-to-be daddy. So much for keeping things quiet for the first trimester. As of today, 12/22/98, I'm 7.5 weeks pregnant and thrilled! We seek your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and birth.


Also born the youngest (lagging behind my twin brother by 5 minutes) of a family of 5 kids, I grew up in Lafayettte, LA. After high school I received a bachelors in computer science then took a job with IBM in Stockholm, Sweden. Had a great time traveling around Europe for a year. Next, I worked for BHP in Australia for a year finally returning to the states to complete a masters in computer science. After graduate school, I traveled to South America where I worked 3 1/2 years as a missionary while living in a Catholic monastery. I returned home, worked as a programmer for a hospital for 2 years and met Anne. I entered the University of Texas to study instructional technology in the College of Education and was married in 1995. I will complete the doctoral program in the Spring of '99. In the mean time, I will began teaching at USL in January. I like running, travel, and playing around with my computer. A lot of excitement awaits as Anne and I prepare for the baby and new jobs in Lafayette.